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Considering Covered Patio Construction? Check Out These Tips!

Adding a covered patio to your home is a great idea for multiple reasons. Not only does a covered outdoor patio create a more comfortable outdoor living space for you and your family to enjoy, but it also: 

  • Adds value to your home

  • Protects from weather exposure

  • Helps outdoor furniture last longer

  • Creates lower indoor temperatures

After considering these reasons you decide that you want to move forward with covered patio construction, the next step is to decide which type of covered patio is right for you and your home. The following tips will help you to narrow down your options: 

1. Material: A wooden patio cover (often times referred to as a pergola or arbor), is one option. Both traditional and effective, a wood pergola shields from the sun will still allowing bit of sky to show through. This style does take more maintenance. If you are going for a lower maintenance option that is just as durable, an aluminum or acrylic patio cover may be your best bet. 

2. Attached or Detached:
The benefits of an attached covered patio are that it creates an extension of the home itself. Especially if you are considering a solid patio cover (which requires extending the rood itself over the patio), this option make your outdoor space much more livable even in the winter.
Add in a custom kitchen and you truly can think of it as another room of your home. On the other hand, detached covered patios also have a lot of benefits. Besides adding aesthetic to your yard, gazebos or arbors can also can create a fun "getaway" area outside of your home. Adding a basalite paver walkway leading up to your detached patio can finish the effect. 

3. Functionality: There are many styles of covered patios. Visit our gallery to get inspiration on what styles stand out the most to you. From stone gazebos to an outdoor shade canopy, some provide partial cover while others offer total shade. A few questions to consider when choosing what style will best fit your needs include are these: when will you be using the living area? What is the weather like where you live? How much protection to you want from rain or sun?

Talking to a landscape design specialist may also help you to narrow down what style and material would look and function best in your space. Serving the Boise Idaho area as well as Nampa, Meridian, Kuna, Eagle, Middleton and Star, our professional landscaping designers can help get you the backyard of your dreams. Call Bella Vista Landscaping today at 208-995-3532 to book your consultation today.

How to Protect Your Yard From Deer

As a resident of Boise, Meridian and surrounding areas, chances are you have had an encounter or two with deer in your yard. Deer are attracted to a variety of trees like cedar, yew and maple. They also love to chew on pine trees, evergreens and even your rose bushes. Within weeks or even one night you could find your beautifully landscaped yard torn to shreds by those pesky deer. 

There are many tricks to getting deer to stop eating plants. While some local landscapers may recommend tricks like using mothballs, scented soaps and even fish heads to deter critters, if the rain doesn't wash it away the deer will soon acclimate to these heavily scented deterrents. Our landscape designers at Bella Vista Landscape know deer all too well, but we also know how to help keep them away from your yard. Below are some of our top tips to protect your landscaping. 

1. Install Temporary Physical Barriers 

Try nylon netting for lower shrubs or burlap material for larger ones. The textures will help to deter deer from your tasty bushes. Tree wrap is another alternative that is especially useful for protecting young or thin-barked trees from bucks rubbing their antlers against the trunks. Searching for how to protect plants from deer? Try wire cages around the more delicate plants. While deer could still technically jump over anything 6 feet or below, they hesitate to wander into small enclosed spaces, even if there is a tasty treat waiting inside. 

2. Install a Fence

While all of these barriers are effective, they still take time to maintain. If you would rather pay more to avoid the hassle of this monthly and even weekly maintenance chore of wrapping and rewrapping trees, consider an 8 foot cedar wood fence. Most deer will not jump a fence of this height, making it the perfect fencing option to keep all of your beautiful landscaping and hardscaping free of foraging animals. Give Bella Vista Landscape a call to talk about our affordable fence and gate installation.

3. Remove Food Sources

Without realizing it, you may be leaving out appealing foods that serve as the appetizers to the main dish - your trees and shrubs! Deer are drawn to foods like leftover pet food and even bird seed. If you are having a deer problem, try to remove pet food dishes and bird feeders from your outdoor living space. 

Whether you are looking for ways to protect your yard from deer or to repair damage that has already been done, Bella Vista Landscape can help. Contact us at 208-995-3532 to talk to one of our landscaping specialists!

Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Ideas in Boise, Idaho

While the backyard is the main area for gathering, playing and relaxing for most homes, the front yard is the space that truly "sets the stage" for guests and passerby to get a feel for what your home is. Is it well kept? Does it have a rustic aesthetic or a more modern one? Is this a home that entertains a lot or has a big family? Whatever you want your home to be, your front yard is the first way to show others what it means to you. Every homeowner knows that a front yard takes work to keep up - but with the proper landscape design planning and landscaping services you can decrease the amount of maintenance you'll have to do to keep your yard looking its best. 

  1. Add Hardscaping

It is a well known fact that lawns are some of the most time intensive elements to any front yard. That is why front yard hardscape designs are becoming a more popular way to create a clean, fresh look that is also low maintenance. At Bella Vista Landscape we make hardscape design and installation easy. From paving to gravel to adding water fountains, our landscaping experts can get the job done all at an affordable cost.  Need some front yard hardscape design ideas? Check out our gallery

  1. Try New Mulch

There is nothing that gives such a quick refresh to a front lawn like new mulch. Not only does a fresh mulch installation sharpen up the look of your yard - it preserves moistures, keeps weeds at bay, and stabilizes soil temperature.  Consider trying out a darker mulch. The contrast of the darker soils of this soft-scaping component can look great against the colors in your landscaping as well as your house - making everything look more vibrant and new. 

  1. Consider a Fence

While some may consider a front yard fence unnecessary, a vinyl, cedar or wrought iron fence can increase the charm and usability of your space.  It will also help keep out pesky critters that could ruin plans and dig holes in your turf. Installing a new fence can create extra enclosed space for your pets and children to play in, while also lending to your home's overall curb appeal. Consider adding a split rail cedar wood or decorative aluminum fence for a fence that still allows passerby to observe your beautiful yard through the rails. Want more privacy or security out of your fence or gate? We recommend a vinyl or board on board cedar fence. 

From adding a bit of new mulch to a whole new fence, our professional designers and landscapers at Bella Vista Landscape can help. Give us a call today at 208-995-3532 to schedule a consultation!

Adding Ambiance with Outdoor Yard Lights in Boise

Installing outdoor lighting is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make your backyard truly “livable”. Not only does the convenience of outdoor floor lamps and wall light fixtures make the space more functional for nighttime activities, but the ambiance they bring - along with other types of lighting, can invite you to want to be in the space more often. Here are a list of outdoor home accent lighting fixtures that can up the ambiance and livability of your outdoor oasis: 

  1. Solar Garden Lanterns - Outside LED garden lights are both energy efficient and beautiful. Coming in all different colors, shapes and styles, these types of outdoor lights create inviting lighting paths throughout your yard that increase visibility for nighttime walks and gardening sessions as well as extend the nighttime sight lines for you and your family to enjoy. 

  1. Gazebo Lights - Of all of the outdoor lighting fixtures, several strings of outdoor canopy gazebo lights can add the most ambiance while suddenly making your gazebo usable for nighttime soirees and dinners. Consider adding a gazebo chandelier to finish the magical effect. 

  1. Outdoor Stair and Balcony Lights - These types of lights often go overlooked, but can greatly increase safety as well as ambiance for outdoor living. Whether your deck stair lights are attached to each stair riser to create a guided footpath down the stairs or strung above or below a balcony, they are great lower light options that add visibility and charm to your backyard. 

  1. Patio Lamps - Outdoor floor lamps are perfect for a small evening gathering, large family barbecues, or winter fire pit s'mores sessions, as they are moveable and bring a lot of extra light to your space. Want to highlight a new tree or water feature? Many outdoor lamps are movable,  providing you with the ability to change up the lighting around your yard from season to season - even day to day! 

With a few creative lighting additions, you can quickly update the ambiance and llivabilty of your backyard space for you, family and guests to enjoy. Whether you are wanting to install a few outdoor hanging light fixtures or a garden lamp post, Bella Vista Landscape provides creative landscaping design services to help you get the yard of your dreams! Call us today to schedule a design consultation!

Autumn Hardscaping Ideas

Fall is the best time of year for landscaping. With lighter rains, milder weather, and soil that is more moist, it makes for a welcoming atmosphere for new plants and easier digging for things like garden paths and stepping stones, retaining wall landscaping, and so forth. While you can do just about any landscaping installation in the fall, hardscaping is easier between the months of September through November due to the looser, softer soils and milder weather. With the autumn months quickly approaching, it is a good idea to start planning in advance what you want for your yard during this prime landscaping window. Here are some ideas for backyard hardscape design that can be installed in the autumn months to serve you year round:

  1. Backyard Fire Pit: Landscaping and hardscaping can be as functional as it is beautiful. Outdoor fire pits are a fun way to make an outdoor living space more useful not only in the summer and fall months but the winter ones as well! Having a fire pit installed in the fall can mean that you would have an entire winter season full of cozy cookouts, s’mores parties, and a place to gather and warm your hands after building snowmen. As it is never a good idea to put a fire pit too close to your house, adding a paved garden path leading to the fire pit will complete the look and ensure safety. 

  2. Stepping Stones: A stepping stone garden path is the perfect fall hardscaping installation project. Not only can a garden path add texture and pattern to your backyard as well, but functionality - particularly in the colder seasons when you want to avoid mud and snow when navigating your walled garden or backyard. 

  3. Retaining Wall: Retaining walls for landscaping are incredibly useful in hilly areas, particularly in the autumn, winter and spring. Where regular hills may cave under the pressure of added snow and muddy water, hills with carefully built retaining wall blocks can withstand the weight, keeping your precious trees, gardens and soil protected. 

Now that you have the ideas, it’s time for the planning before September comes! If you are in need of hardscape design and installation or other landscaping services, you can call us at Bella Vista Landscape. Check out our gallery for other hardscaping design ideas, like our custom cedar wood fences, concrete water fountains, or
outdoor kitchens

Fire Pit vs. Outdoor Fireplace : Choosing the Best Fit for your Backyard

As far as hardscape backyard design goes, adding a fire feature to your outdoor living space can add some of the most drama and versatility. Both outdoor fire pits and fireplaces can add extra warmth and light to make for the perfect nighttime events that extend through summer and on into the colder months. The question is, which one should you choose? To answer that, it is important to understand the similarities and differences between the two backyard fire features so that you can determine which one will serve you and your landscaping design purposes the best.


Backyard fire pits and fireplaces both share a similar aesthetic and functionality. Both provide warmth and light and invite feelings of relaxation with their romantic, cosy aesthetic.  In terms of maintenance and safety, both require similar amounts of cleaning to make sure they stay in good shape. And both of course require supervision when little kids are around (a fireplace or fire pit screen might help keep little fingers from turning the fire soot into a makeshift sandbox). 


Outdoor fireplaces are a permanent hardscaping design feature. Built with a chimney and a smoke ventilation firebox, they can either be attached to your home or built into your custom deck or patio. Homeowners with large backyards often choose a fireplace over a fire pit because they can service bigger crowds and incorporate other amenities like fireplace tools. Because they are higher off the ground, they also tend to be a bit easier to keep kids safe around and therefore become the obvious choice for families wanting to do a residential hardscaping installation. 

On the other hand, outdoor fire pits tend to be much smaller than outdoor fireplaces. They make for more intimate and casual gatherings and are perfect for roasting marshmallows or just relaxing for an evening chat. They are also lower to the ground, meaning that they won’t obstruct the view to the rest of your yard, while a fireplace might (although if you are looking for more backyard privacy, this might actually be an added bonus). Keep in mind that the depth and width of a fire pit is completely customizable.

Therefore choosing between these two hardscaping ideas depends on whether you have a larger backyard, little children, a need for added outdoor privacy or a desire to serve large crowds. Either way, a adding a fire feature to your backyard can add so much more usability to your outdoor space. Call us at Bella Vista landscape to talk about your landscaping ideas! You can also check out our gallery to get more ideas on landscaping installation projects.

Custom Deck and Patio Construction

There are a number of things homeowners look for when creating a property that they are proud to call their own. One thing that is a high priority on the list of ‘Must-Haves’ is an aesthetically pleasing backyard. Your yard is a reflection of who you are, and there are a number of services Bella Vista Landscaping provides that will help you do that seamlessly. Our custom patio and deck building services are unmatched in quality, efficiency, and longevity. Here are a few of the patio construction services we specialize in that will help spruce up your yard in time for Summer.

covered patio construction in meridian id

Most deck building and landscaping companies in Idaho can’t offer the high-quality service and exceptional results that Bella Vista Landscaping does. When you’re looking to transform your outdoor living space, there is no one better to work with than our local custom deck and concrete patio contractors. We are here to help make your property landscaping dreams come true! Not only do we specialize in patio construction, but also residential garden landscaping and water features! Our outdoor living professionals and deck builders will work with you to make sure your yard is exactly how you want it. Whether it be a painted concrete patio with roof construction or decorative custom concrete curbing and edging, we want to help you create a yard you’re confident about.


When working with local deck and patio contractors in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, and Caldwell, you should expect the best and receive the best. Call Bella Vista Landscaping at 208-995-3532 to learn more about custom landscaping, curbing, and edging costs from our custom deck and patio builders.

Overhead Structures and Hardscape Landscaping

As the weather warms up in Boise and the sun starts beating down on our yards, you may find yourself wishing for some kind of shade or protection from the sun. Installing an overhead structure in your yard is a perfect solution to all the potential weathering problems that come with the Summer season. Installing a permanent modern deck gazebo could be the landscaping decision that transforms your backyard into the perfect Summer paradise you wish it to be! Different yard and garden structures built by local professional pergola, gazebo, and trellis builders can and will make any outdoor living beautiful and relaxing!

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If you’re looking for exceptional landscaping services, don’t settle for less than the best! Working with Bella Vista Landscaping means working with professional covered deck contractors that will give you the results you want. Here are some of our amazing ideas for outdoor shade structures:


·  Sunshade awning gazebo

·  Wooden garden gazebo

·  Patio trellis wall

·  Stained pergola arch

·  Wooden gazebo for hot tub

·  Outdoor shade canopy

·  Stone gazebo

·  Wooden pergola with roof



Bella Vista Landscaping employs professional gazebo, pergola, and arbor builders that are dedicated to helping you create a comfortable and attractive outdoor living space. Not only will these overhead structures create perfect shade in your yard, but they will also increase your property value! Carefully and professionally-crafted overhead structures are very desirable in the housing market right now, and Bella Vista Landscaping is the company to trust. Whether it be a cedar pergola gazebo with sides or a screened in gazebo with a roof, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our work.


If you are interested in building a gazebo, hardscape landscaping, water feature or patio installation, call Bella Vista Landscaping at 208-995-3532 to learn more about our services and what landscaping designs might look like in your yard!